Crafty's advent day 10

We have a weekend planned for the family, all of us!  A pre Christmas meal with all the little ones. We all do our own thing on Christmas day, tony and i are in France, Bev and family in Birmingham and Rachie has the in laws to stay in Dorchester.  So this weekend is our time.

As there are so many little ones, I like to make the table child friendly. We have all ages from 5½, 4, 2¾ and 2 years old, they all know who santa is.

I have decorated some simple silver place mats with our Santa's laundry ribbon (here) and I am going to tell them a story about Santa falling out of his sleigh and all his clothes got wet!!

I used just sellotape to hold the ribbons in place at the back of the mats, which means I can change them to another ribbon for another party.

We have been trying to think of a really good Friday FREEBIE for today, ribbons, bowmaker, kits BUT could not agree on a prize. So would you like to choose for yourself?

We have another 3 £20 vouchers for you to enjoy. For a chance to win just leave a comment and you could be picked from our festive Bingo bag on Monday.

If you are having trouble leaving a comment due to our spam filters, please email it to me at and I will add it for you.

Bowdabra winner....I had a tough time picking this one, but finally decide that we could not have "pants" bows at Christmas and that Sarah was in desparate need of one!


Oh wow please put me in the draw because I would love to win a bowdabra. I have been trying to make bows at work today without any kind of bow maker and quite frankly they are pants lol.

You will have magic bows this Christmas Sarah - email us and let us know if you would like red or silver snowflakes.

Have fun this weekend.

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