Crafty's advent day 17 & Friday FREEBIE

What can you make with these?

I have had these sat on my desk for months, we had new curtain poles fitted in the summer and these rings were far to good to throw away.....but I had no idea what to do with they sat on my desk gathering dust!

Bingo....I had an idea.....what do you think?

Same ribbon poinsettia as my crackers but on a smaller scale. Missed the crackers then you can see them here.

As promised I have a tutorial on how to make them.

Gather the bits you will need - needle and thread, scissors, curtain ring, calendar buttons are here and I used the same ribbon as the crackers this bauble ribbon here.

For the napkin poinsettias you need to cut the ribbon in half, for the larger cracker ones leave the ribbon uncut. Remove the wire from the outer edges of the ribbon.

With the wrong side of the ribbon facing you, fold the ribbon as shown. 

Fold the other side of the ribbon over to form a triangle. 

Sew along the bottom edge, if you turn the petal around you will see the cut edge of the ribbon, your stitching should be just above the cut edge - see below.

Cut away the extra ribbon just below your stitching.

Pull the thread to gather the petal and secure with a few stitches.

One single petal.


Repeat so you have 6 petals.

Sew two petals together so they slightly overlap.

Keep joining the petals together.

Join the first and last petal together to form the poinsetta.

While you still have the thread attached to the poinsettia sew the curtain ring in place.

Put a little glue on the back of the button and push into the centre of the poinsettia.

All finished!!

If you would like to make some of these napkin rings then maybe you could be a winner of this weeks Friday FREEBIE - we have 3 more £20 vouchers up for grabs.

 Leave a comment between now and Monday and we could pick your number from our festive Bingo Bag - have fun this weekend.

Ooooh nearly forgot the winner of my bag of buttons.


wow that button picture is so classy - you'd pay a fortune in one of the posh shops for something similar, am loving it.  Buttons??? do I "need" buttons  ? - of course I need buttons.  Desperately in fact as am playing with some jute bags rights now, the first two are on my blog but I now have to make smaller versions for my granddaughters, have some very pretty fabric for them but buttons as embellishments would look fantastic. (oh dear I sound very 'needy' don't I).


Beryl it sounds as if you need buttons - send us an email with luck and a following wind you could have the buttons before Christmas!

Stay warm this weekend.


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