Crafty's advent day 16

An idea for using up those odd christmas buttons you have and a little bit of ribbon!

I had real trouble photographing this beauty, there were so many shadows.  Finally with the glass removed I took it outside, not perfect but better then the others. 

Just buttons to form a heart shape - simple. our christmas buttons can be found here.

Wow we had lots of comments yesterday, thank you all.  But I think the winner should be Chrissy.


I bought one of these cones a couple of years ago to make one of these and by the time I had got it home it was in bits!!!!1

So would love the chance to have another go I think they are fab.

Loving the gingerbread goodies well done challengers.


Hi chrissy just pop us an email to with your address and we will get the ribbons straight to you.  I promise Tracey it was really easy, the only trouble I had were my pins.  They were normal household pins and were a bit thick and i got a sore finger from pressing them into the cone.  Next time I would use lace pins which are much finer and I believe would go into the cone with less finger preasure.  My cone was made by Rayher who I think are German and the stock number is ART.-NR. 33010 00, I got it at the Paris show but I am sure you can get them over here.  I have a smaller one that I planned to cover with buttons - maybe next year!!

A couple more gingerbread makes.

This one from Dorothy is wicked, pull a little thread and the snake rises to the top - very clever.

Carols adorable bag would hold lots of choccie coins, just the thing for Christmas.

Since making my button frame my mind has been buzzing around with different shape ideas.....Christmas Tree......Star.......Snowflake ummmm maybe I will have time for a little play later.  Would you like to have a play with some buttons?  Leave a comment today and we will announce the winner tomorrow.

No snow far! 

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