Crafty's advent day 23

I can not claim this festive idea as my own, I have borrowed it from Tams  who sent me a wonderful email about "Pots of Gold"

If you are stuck for a little gift or if you want to have a few spare in the cupbaord for those unexpected vistors then these "Pots of Gold" are perfect.

Fill a jar full of gold sweets and Tams puts a lottery scratch card in as well.

I tied a gold Bow using my Bowdabra (here) and not forgetting the magic cord (here) to sit ontop of my Pot of Gold.  Tams I have to say that is one of the quickest prezzies I have made this season.  You could almost have a little production line going!!!!

I must share this with you.  Sydney and I have been making a Snowman....everyone has been making snowmen I hear you say........but not like ours.  When Bev saw it she said it looked like a monkey nut. It is two balloons covered with papier-mache, then painted white and finally decorated by our Syd. Not sure the balloons were blown up enough hence the shape!

Sydney and I would like you to meet.........Peanut the Snowman.

Syd was so enchanted by her snowman that Bev told me she took it to bed with her last night.....sorry Bev!

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