Crafty's advent day 5

Wow the days are slipping by, we are already on day 5.  I managed to remove the gremlins from yesterdays post, so you can find the project HERE .

You have seen todays idea before, but I have received so many emails, asking for the details, that I thought I would include it in our advent truck.

A pefect gift jar for teachers, neighbours, family and friends. It is really easy to put together - all the ribbons come from our Gingerbread Collection HERE. I have written the Instructions with a list of ingredients along with a printable copy of the tag with the cooking instructions all HERE.

I hope you have fun making them up, I gave mine to a friend who kindly waters my plants while we are away at exhbitions.  Sadly I did not get to eat any of the made biscuits but she said they were wonderful and did not last long!

Todays project over, but what you really want to know is who has won the two little Gingerbread men, it was a tough decision, you all left super comments.  I am so pleased that you all thought Sydneys crafting was great, I think she is a star and I love crafting with her.  She is only 5½ and her little face lights up when I suggest we do something, although she is not so keen when it is "Tidy up time"!!! 

Anyway I digress, so who is going to be giving my Gingerbread men a home this Christmas........

 Jan Marshall

Jan Marshall

Syd your makes are fantastic, how clever you are
Love the gingerbread men they are great, I cannot sew for toffee's, they would sure be made comfortable here

 Hi Jan please email us your address to so your two new friends can come and join you for christmas!

They are HERE yes they are, the first batch of photos from our gingerbread challenge. Some have been on display at the Hobbycrafts show and most of them came to Paris with us.  Oooh I did have some trouble in Paris, the ladies wanted - the stamps, the kits, Margaret kindly made a calendar, they wanted the little calendar, no they are all ideas to use our gingerbread ribbon!!! It was fun.


The little gingerbread girl is so sweet Beryl, I never think of making little girls.

Gemma this is so simple, but caused quite a stir in Paris, i had to show the ladies how to tie bows - it was basically watch my hands, I have no idea how to say it in French!!!

Leslie you only sent me two receipt cards, didn't you?  This was sooooo liked I had to move it to the back of the stand out of reach! 

Paola this card is adorable, the little tags were greatly admired, we sold out of all the Alpha Tag Gingerbread Men in the first day!  But you can still get them HERE

Wilma is that ribbon embroidery I see at the side of your card.  Fantastic card and the little key charm is so cute.

This is only the first 5 cards from the challenge, I have loads more to share all next week. 

Sweet delights everyday.

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