Girls Happy thoughts

As promised the girls have given us their happy thoughts to comply with our blog award from Wilma yesterday.











I was a bit mean really and said that they could not pick their husbands, children or ribbon as they were MINE yesterday.

Bev was the first to reply - easy Ali

4. Sunshine - she hates the winter, but is all happy when the sun is shining.

5. Her car - Bev has a Beetle Convertible, so that's why she likes the sun to shine.

6. Internet Shopping - sad she knows, but since moving to Dorset she misses the shops that she used to visit in Reading and Internet shopping you can do while Syd and Sam are in bed!!

It took Rachie a little longer for her 3, claiming she had tons of work to do!!

7. Her Dogs - she has 2 golden retrievers Ollie and Chester aged 10 and 7

8. Being Smoke Free - Rachie is giving up smoking, but finding that she has to do more work as she is not nipping out for a quickie!!

9. Midsomer Murders - Did you know the New series starts tonight, Rachie must have told us ten trillion times today!!!

Number ten was down to Tony.

10. ME.

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