Happy thoughts

Blog award! I like blog awards this one is from Wilma, (I think all my blog awards are from Wilma!) Thank you.











The Crafty Team have to tell you 10 things that make them happy, well I can give you my top 3 it is easy. Ribbon, Ribbon and Ribbon - no that's naughty Ali!!

So here are my top 3.

1. Tony, without him there would be no tomorrow.

2. My two sisters Bev and Rachie and their wonderful broods.  I never wanted children in my life, now I just can not imagine it without these happy souls.

3. Ribbon - it just has to be in my top 3.  It makes me so happy. Way back in the begining I got told I could not make a living out of something I loved - how wrong were they!!!

As this is a team award I will get the others to post their happy thoughts tomorrow.

We have been working on restocking our exhibition stand this week, ready for the start of our French tour.  Poor Rachie has been glued to the silk unit all day, she left the warehouse cross eyed!!!  We (I) have brought so many new silk ribbons that she is struggling to fit them onto the stand.  Oooh! - we have also been having a play, and have 26 NEW shades of hand dyed silks in 4mm and 7mm.  (Sorry I just can not promise to get these on the website before we leave.) Do you remember "tie dying" at school, it's so much fun, but rather messey!!!!

Had some more challenge goodies arrive today so will try and post them tomorrow.

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