Let there be light

Candles seem to add a little extra magic and sparkle at Christmas time. Have you thought about decorating them with ribbon. Not so the ribbon is anywhere near the naked flame – candle safe remember.

Church style candles are perfect to decorate.

Wrap assorted ribbons around the bottom sections of the candles and secure in place with a few pins.

Why not coordinate your Christmas table this year.

Tie matching ribbon onto napkins to make them look extra special.

No Church candles, then how about tea lights. A ribbon stuck around the metal case just adds that little bit of magic.

Sydney had a padded sling fitted today, she was finding it very difficult with the weight of the plaster cast. It goes from her knuckles all the way to under her arm, and is not a light weight version. The plaster was so heavy that poor Bev was having to walk around with Syd supporting its weight!!!

The sling has brought Syd back to almost normal, Bev had to hang up quickly as Syd had pinned poor Sam in the bunny cage!!!!!

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