Crafty's advent day 19

Wow it is cold outside, I nearly froze trying to take this photo.  Anymore of the arctic photography and I will have to invest in one of those "Extreme" SD cards! 

I made this for my favourite nephew (ok, my only nephew) Sam.  They are spending Christmas with their Grand parents and I thought he could wear this on Christmas Day.

Every morning Bev is being woken up by Sam singing either Twinkle Twinkle little star which sounds like "inkle, inkle ittle STAR" or Jingle bells, jingle bells, which sounds like "ingle BELLS, ingle BELLS".  They have been practicing for their school play, he has the tune but not the words! It sounds wonderful, best when he has no idea you are listerning.

I thought the T shirt would be perfect, it has a STAR and lots of ingle BELLS. Not sure Bev will like it.  But ho hum it's Christmas.

If you want to copy the idea, it is very easy to make.  Draw a triangle tree shape and add an oblong bottom for the trunk, cut the shape out and use it to draw onto the paper side of double sided bondaweb.  Turn the bondaweb over so you have the sticky side facing you, start layering the ribbons onto the tree.  I ironed mine in place every couple of rows, making sure the iron came nowhere near the bondaweb.  I used a selection of green ribbons from Go Grosgrain this Christmas (here) Swiss Dots (here) Gingham (here) and I used the wide deck chair stripe (here) for the trunk.

Once I had the design covered with ribbon, I placed a cotton cloth over the ribbons and gave it a really good press, so all the ribbons were firmly fused to the bondaweb. 

Next cut the shape out, remove the bondaweb paper backing sheet and postion the tree onto your T-shirt. Put the cotton cloth back over the tree and iron in place, making sure all the outer edges are stuck.

You could leave it like that, but as this was for Sam I added some extra details, blanket stitch around the tree in green thread, a gold star (here) on top of the tree and finally silver jingle bells (here) - perfect.

I hope he likes it.

Tomorrow will be our last day for despatching orders before Christmas.  Pleased to hear your parcel arrived so quickly Leslie, it seem to be just pure luck. 

Some parcels are taking over two weeks.  But miracles do happen, we spoke to a lady from Peterhead Scotland last week, she wanted some personalised ribbons, we explained that we could send them that day, but had no idea when they would arrive with her.  She phoned us again the next day and asked if we could repeat the order.......but we only sent them last night.....they had arrived the next morning!!!!!!!  We mentioned it to our wonderful team at our local post depot, they could not believe it either.

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