Crafty's advent day 20

We have a complete white out here in Blandford - Bev and I have been outside with a ruler and we have had 8" of snow in the past hour!!! Ok not as much as most of you but an awful lot for Dorset.  Bev and Syd were the only ones who made it to the office today, two brave little girls! Think we may all be walking home though.

I was really pleased with myself on Saturday I had made a visit to our local garden centre and they had all their mini ponsetias reduced to 50p each.  What a bargain I could not pass on that.  I collected up a good armful and headed home, feeling very chuffed with myself.  That was until tony said "what are you going to put them all in?"  Arrrgh I had not thought of that.......

......after a little bit of thought I raided the recycling tub......

These will do nicely, but do be careful with the tops of the cans.

I told you last week I made Sydney a Swedish costumn for her to wear to school, last night she put it back on so I could take a photo for you.  Note ribbon flowers and ribbon waist tie!!

Sydney has been happily crafting this morning, I interrupted her work to pick this weeks Friday FREEBIE winners.  Who is going to win the three £20 vouchers - is it you?

Sydney picked these winners 44 - 21 - 25 and who do they belong too? 

Number 21 = Karen
Fabulous, a voucher to spend online, well I can't get out because of the snow so what better than sitting by the fire, eating choccy and buying please pick me!!
Loving the napkin rings, so pretty!!
Keep warm and have a good weekend

Number 25 = Debbie (padster)
Wow those napkin rings are awesome - maybe I could make some if I won a voucher lol!
Debbie x

Number 44 = Melanie
Wow I love your poisinettas, I have a great love of ribbon having been started on crafts with it by my grandmother, god bless her heart, and still play with it today! Can't wait to have a go at those napkin rings, they look so much more personal than the cheap and tacky ones from the supermarkets!

Well done girls, just email us at and we will send you details on how to use your voucher.  You have all left such wonderful comments, thank you so much you are all so kind.

Back to work, there are still some late Christmas orders that arrived over the weekend that we are trying to despatch today, but whether they will arrive before Christmas.......ummmm unknown!


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