Message from Metz

I have to express how much the French ladies loved your Valentine cards form the ribbon challenge # 1.  They really do say "Oo la la"!  We have some of the cards strung across the front of the stand and on part of the back wall.  The cards have been pointed at, touched and photographed all day, so there are maybe several husbands receiving a version of your card next saturday.

I wanted to include some photos but they have not come out very well, the main problem being the colour of the stand.  We have a claret carpet and canary yellow fabric walls!!  Not a very neutral colour to display coloured ribbons, embroideries and cards on!!!

It is very cold here, so I wore my scarf (a new french word for me echarpe - scarf), it was also greatly admired.  I must point out that I do not speak french, I have learnt my silk ribbon embroidery demonstration parrot fashion.  It must sound quite good know, because as soon as I finish I get bombarded by all these questions by eager ladies wanting to know more - Tony help!!!!  It is a long day, we do not finish until 7pm, by 4ish I am on brain overload, I can not add up, I get my Trois and Trentes mixed up, but at least I let Tony go off the stand now, he does not have to wait until 6.45 to go to the loo!!! 

Thank you all so much, you have given our french customers so much pleasure, and some of them are going to try and get in on the next ribbon challenge.  I gather from the girls in the office the "Love Chocolate" cards have started to arrive - can't wait to see them, they are going to Paris next week.

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