Metz Over

Sounds like I  caused a little bit of a dilemma asking you to pick your favourite ribbon! It has been great catching up on your comments.  These French show hours are exhausting, and next week they are even longer in Paris. 

There was a huge display of pergamano at the show, something I have never tried.  The work was exquiste and they allowed photography.

This picture looked so delicate.

This was taken through the glass frame, it is so fine. I wonder how many hours of work it took.

This little basket caught my eye, Spider web roses made from silk ribbon.

Metz is over for another year, the trailer is all loaded, we must have sold a fair amount of stock, it was not such a tight squeeze fitting it all back in!!!

We are heading off tomorrow to a Auberge in the middle of a forest en route to Paris, something a little bit different.  Tony booked a room with a hot tub, but forgot to ask if they have WiFi or if there is a mobile signal - men! So you may or may not hear from me!!

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